Manufacturing Website Design and SEO

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Marketing for manufacturers takes finesse. Rather than the “buy now!” mentality of the B2C world, your marketing must lead businesses into your consultative sales process.

We’ve worked with manufacturers of steel, RC cars, rubber, ice, frozen food, and everything in between since 2002. We know what it takes to grow your sales pipeline.

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The manufacturing industry is changing.  A great product and reputation used to be all you needed. And indeed that can carry you to a certain level. However, in the Digital Age, manufacturers who invest in their online presence are growing faster.

One of the first things your prospective customers do when exploring a potential business relationship, is check out your website. And if your website sucks, you may have just lost a sale.

Reputation and referrals are still paramount. However, a robust website design and strong manufacturing SEO can amplify the sales that those factors generate.

Manufacturing Website Design

Your company website should be the foundation of your digital marketing strategy. Think of it as your 24/7 sales rep who is tirelessly pitching your services and initiating more conversations. 

Our web design services will put your company’s best foot forward and generate more inquiries.

manufacturing website design


With over half of organic searches coming from mobile devices, your website must look great on phones.  Business decisions are now made on the go, or at least initiated over a phone or tablet. If your website has a crisp, professional look, no matter what device or browser it’s on, then you may already be a step ahead of the competition.

Attractive design

A stunning website will make your products shine.  It may be just the nudge your prospects need to get them over the hump and get in touch.

manufacturing website design

Distributor locator

You want to make it as easy as possible for people to buy.  If your product is sold through retailers, people should just be able to enter a zip code in your user-friendly “Find a Dealer” feature and be directed where to go.

Quote request

This is an invaluable way to build your business through online leads. A well-designed quote request form is a convenient alternative to asking people to call or email.  Plus you capture their email address for future marketing. We include “quote requests” as a feature in your marketing dashboard so you can keep your finger on the pulse of your sales pipeline.

Some incorrectly believe their product is too complicated for a quote request form. Think of the form as the conversation starter. Then let your sales reps take it from there. 

We recently had a security issue with our old website and needed to get it redone in a hurry! Key Marketing Group was able to quickly build us a great looking new website. The best part is, they worked hard to ensure our SEO rankings carried over to the new website.
Tera McHugh

Co-Owner - Versatile Systems, Inc.

Proven Manufacturing SEO

Once you have a professionally designed website, it’s time to boost its reach with search engine optimization (SEO). That is the art of getting your business ranked high in search engines for phrases that potential buyers are searching for.

Key Marketing’s search engine optimization (SEO) landed us a $1 million project. We asked the client how they found us and they said, ‘you kept coming up in my Google searches!’
Ryan Sears

Goodwest Linings & Coatings

We’ve been doing SEO for manufacturers since 2002 – the early days of the internet! Some advantages of our manufacturing SEO services include:

Larger Traffic Share

Sales is a numbers game. The more of the right people that go to your website, the more sales conversations you’re going to have.  We start with a strategic analysis of which search phrases would generate the most business for you, and then we make it happen.



Rankings and traffic are great and all, but you’re hiring an SEO company to get more leads. While most SEO companies just promise rankings, we are so confident that we give you access to a real-time dashboard that shows how many calls and quote requests our services have delivered. 


Increased Sales

With more visitors coming to check out your site, the more quote requests and phone calls will roll in, and the more conversations your sales team will have. The result is the formation of new and long-lasting business relationships with people who found you


Manufacturing Website Design & SEO