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The HVAC industry has undergone many changes over the past several years. It’s is no longer as simple as paying for the biggest, flashiest ad in the phone book, or mailing a gazillion fliers to local businesses. Nowadays, hiring an experienced HVAC marketing company is often the fastest and most reliable way to grow your business.

Of course, repairing a heat pump and optimizing a website involve two completely different skill sets. That’s why it’s nice to have an experienced HVAC marketing team on your side. Since 2009, we’ve helped companies grow their pipelines with superior website design and HVAC SEO.

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Effective digital marketing has a lot of moving parts, and requires a significant investment in time and resources. However, for business owners that want to grow their brand, a strong online presence is not optional — it’s necessary. And a savvy HVAC marketing company can help take your business to the next level.

HVAC marketing company

The Benefits of Having a Superior HVAC Website

Your website is your 24/7 sales rep, time to treat it like one!  It’s the main gateway through which customers are introduced to your business, and is likely your single most important marketing asset (or liability). Don’t skimp on your website’s design and development, or else you’re only doing your competition a favor.

Some key benefits of owning a great website include:

  • More interested visitors. If visitors arrive at your website and don’t like what they see, they just leave.  However, when your site looks great and effectively promotes your services, more people will pick up the phone and become customers. Boom! And your website won’t even ask for a commission.
  • Enhanced credibility. Have you ever browsed to a company’s home page, only to be turned off by the outdated formatting, the garish colors, and the poor navigation features? Crappy websites look unprofessional and reflect poorly on your company. In contrast, if your website puts your company’s best foot forward, then you’ll not only receive more leads – you’ll receive higher quality leads. In other words, you’ll attract customers that aren’t just looking for the cheapest deal, but want quality service (and are willing to pay for it).
  • More prospects. When your website is designed with your audience in mind, more people are going to pick up the phone or reach out through your Contact form.  And if your website is designed to be mobile-friendly, which it absolutely should, then you’ll get your share of the mobile crowd requesting quotes too.  This means more business for you, and more opportunity to pick and choose your jobs.

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    The Gold Mine of High Search Rankings (HVAC SEO)

    Even the best designed web layout is useless without exceptional content to fill it. That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes into the picture. Here are some of the key benefits of implementing SEO into your marketing strategy:

    • More traffic. The ultimate goal of any HVAC SEO strategy is to capture the largest possible share of Internet search traffic.  If your website is designed with SEO best practices, then you’ll have more leads coming in from Google, Bing, and other search engines. And with more leads, you’ll not only get more business, but you’ll have the ability to focus on the jobs with the highest value for your company.
    • Deeper customer trust. In marketing, perception is everything. Studies have repeatedly shown that consumers are more likely to trust companies at the top of Google’s search rankings. With a solid SEO strategy in place, people will see your company high up in the rankings, and trust in your professionalism from the outset.
    • Increased sales. Imagine if your company had a sales person that worked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and never took a break. Even better, this sales person was constantly generating leads! Wouldn’t that be great? In a sense, SEO is just such a “sales person:” it is a marketing investment that never stops working, and constantly brings in new prospects. Who wouldn’t want that ace up their sleeve?


    Partner With Key Marketing Group

    There are a ton of compelling reasons to invest in HVAC marketing. Of course, some companies decide to go it alone, and figure out the complexities of web design and SEO without any outside assistance.  That’s like having your HVAC tech also take a stab at your accounting.  Instead, focus on what you do best and partner with an HVAC marketing agency so you can:

    • Avoid the pitfalls of the “trial and error” approach. Digital marketing has a ton of moving parts, and a huge learning curve upfront. If you go it alone, it’s practically a guarantee that mistakes will be made and time will be wasted.
    • Focus on your business’ core competencies. You’re in the HVAC business, not the digital marketing business. Instead of diverting your time and energy into an unfamiliar area, why not let the experts do the heavy lifting for you?
    • Get your business to the next level. Business growth is not a one-and-done deal. By partnering with us, you’ll not only receive the benefits of professional assistance on isolated marketing projects, but you’ll also gain access to ongoing feedback and advice from our experienced squad of developers and marketers.

    Web expert Amit Kalantri once said: “A website can make money for you while you are asleep.” At Key Marketing Group, that’s our goal for each and every client.

    We know web design.

    We know SEO.

    And best of all – we know HVAC marketing.

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