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11 Best B2B Website Designs in January 2022

B2B Website Designs

Many companies put so much focus on the day-to-day scramble that they end up neglecting their websites. The result is a poor B2B website designs that lacks personality and turns off potential clients.

We’re going to show you 11 companies that did the opposite and made their websites into inbound lead machines! 

Common themes among these great websites:


  • The layouts are simple and easy to navigate. 
  • They look great for website visitors browsing on phones.
  • Make a strong first impression by having personality. 

Here are 11 B2B website designs that totally nailed it!

1.  WeWork

B2B Website Designs Example: WeWork

When it comes to digital marketing, less is always more. Just say what you need to say in as few words as possible. WeWork has used this principle on their website with brief, casual language that gets to the point. 

The photos on the website are bright & splashy and perfectly speak to their target audience of 30 to 40-year-olds seeking a hip work environment where they can meet new people.

The homepage has a dropdown menu that allows you to choose your city. It makes you want to select your city the second you see it, making the site more interactive and drawing you in. Bravo! 

B2B Website Design: OnePage CRM

The first thing you see when you land on this site is “time to action your sales“. What business owner wouldn’t want that?

It is catchy, engaging, and tells you all you need to know without revealing too much. It is the kind of catchphrase that resonates and makes you want to read more.

Its casual style almost looks hand-drawn and really stands out from the pack.

This homepage is proof that B2B websites don’t have to have dry content.

Don’t tell me, show me.

Social proof is huge in some industries, especially venture capital firms. How many companies have you invested in? What successful exits have you had lately?

The first three slides on Felicis Ventures’ homepage shows they’re the real deal. From their “Billion Dollar Club” and “what have we done lately”, it’s clear they’ve invested in a whole lotta winners. 

This is exactly how you instill confidence in potential customers!

Visitors on this website are greeted with a heartwarming video of various animals eating.

The video brings the site to life and makes it more relatable and engaging with their audience — animal lovers looking for feed!  

Full disclosure: we designed this site. If you need a website design that will help your brand shine, give us a shout!

5. IBM

Timing is everything. 

With more people working at home in 2020, IBM is using their website to promote safety with a timely website addition: a woman wearing a mask. This simple conveys you can count on IBM and they are adapting with the times.

The homepage also has six tiles that allow you to easily navigate their services, a feature that is perfect for conglomerate websites with thousands of pages of content.

Trello’s homepage is ultra-focused on lead generation. No pesky links or menu items here! 

This ultra-simple B2B web design draws you in like a magnet to their signup form.

It has no navigation up top to distract visitors from signing up, and the only different splash of color is a lime green button that that emphasizes signups are free. 

Sign me up!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many is a video worth?

ClickUp takes digital marketing to the next level with a cool 90-second video that conveys what would have taken paragraphs of text. And who reads nowadays anyway?  🙂 

The catchy tagline “One app to replace them all” is the icing on the cake. Frodo approves.

WP Engine has a vibrant splash of pink and galaxy colors on its website and is getting away with it!

Safe is boring. 

To stand out from other B2B website designs, sometimes you gotta draw outside the line a little.  Show your website visitors that you are bold and creative! 

Professional, yet spicy. A perfect example of a website design with a consistent style & theme throughout.

Evernote uses a jazzy green wallpaper that ties in with their logo color. The background is a bold move from the 90’s that is hard to pull-off, but not for Evernote.

Three thumbs up!

Packlane is putting on a clinic of how to showcase products for a better user experience. And good photography and staging are key. 

How could anyone with a pulse resist clicking on the “Choose Your Style” button? That’s so much cooler than if it said something like like “sign up today.” B2B buyers like personality too! 

They also highlight some brands that they have worked with, making it easy for website visitors to trust them.

11. Slack

Slack has a clever way of showing social proof without actually using real testimonials.

Just create an impression of happy customers, even if they aren’t real customers. Brilliant! 

Their web design emphasizes the timely ‘work from home’ benefit with the tagline ‘Slack brings the team together, wherever you are.’

As an employer, how can you say no to that, especially now that working from home in 2020 is as American as apple pie?

todayB2B Website Designs | The Key Takeaway

Do you know why most B2B web designs are a snoozefest of white & blue? They’re playing it safe.

Be brave and stand out from the pack.

Avoid ‘corporate-speak’ or cramming a ton of text on the homepage.  Keep it simple and stay focused one one or two benefits and have a single call-to-action.

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